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Rewi's Last Stand (KDC.T0005)

Rewi's Last Stand (KDC.T0005)

Violin II part. Bound folio in a loose cover annotated in pen ‘Rewi’s Last Stand Music by Alfred Hill’ and ‘Cello’ [incorrect].



[1] ‘Introduction’

[2] ‘The Departure’

[3] ‘Ariana’s Song’

[4] ‘Forest Scene’

[5] ‘Ariana and Beaumont’

[6] ‘Taiaha Fight’

[7] ‘Beaumont Rides’

[8] ‘The Forest Rangers’

[9] ‘Sword and Taiaha Fight’

[10] ‘Repeat Beaumont Rides’

[Insert] ‘Ariana with Children Love Song’

[12] ‘Canoe Pursuit’

[27] ‘War Music’ (Retreat before the ever advancing Pakehas crossed out, note: play later)

[13] ‘Maoris on Marae Listening to Rewi’

[14] ‘Maoris digging trenches’

[15] ‘Boy Rimi enters pa’

[16] ‘Ariana searches for Boy Rimi’

[20] ‘Maori at Prayer’

[21] ‘Battle music’

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